MBA Course Waiver Guidelines

  1. Waiver consideration will be given only for Lower Core courses and up to 18 credits may be waived.
  2. Courses may be waived on the basis of undergraduate and graduate courses taker at accredited institutions of higher learning within the past six (6) years.
  3. A course will be waived when, in the judgment of the MBA Director, the student received the grade of B or better for undergraduate courses whose content is closely related to the content of the core course.

          Note: Each undergraduate course can only be used once in the waiver process.
  4. Students wishing to request a waiver should:
    1. Download and fill out the waiver form
    2. Include a copy of both the relevant transcript(s) and the course outline(s) from the institution at which the course was taken
    3. Send the complete waiver documents to the MBA director for waiver consideration

    MBA Director:
    Michael Yakubov
    TEL: 973-720-2678
    FAX: 973-720-2809