Degree Requirements

B.S. in Professional Sales

In addition to the University Core Curriculum (40 credits) and the Common Business Core (39 credits), Professional Sales majors must complete the following requirements:

I.  Major Required (18 credits)

RPS 2050, Professional Selling
RPS 2100, Negotiation
RPS 3000, Global Perspectives in Sales
Also fulfills Area 6 in UCC
RPS 4000, Sales Management
RPS 4100, Key Account & CRM
RPS 4500, Advanced Sales

II.  Major Electives (3 credits)

Choose 1 course from the following:

MKT 4750, Supply Chain Management
RPS 3990, Selected Topics
RPS 4200, Financial Services Selling
RPS 4300, Sales Forecasting
RPS 4400, Medical and Pharma Selling
RPS 4850, Practicum
RPS 4900, Internship in Professional Sales
RPS 4990, Independent Study

Total Credits: 21

For degree requirements for students who first enrolled prior to Fall 2012, please see your academic advisor.

Minor in Professional Sales

Students who are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at William Paterson University can earn a Minor in Professional Sales by completing the following coursework:

MKT 2100 Principles of Marketing
RPS 2050 Professional Selling
RPS 2100 Negotiation
RPS 3000 Global Perspectives in Sales
RPS 4000 Sales Management
RPS 4500 Advanced Sales

Total required credits for Minor in Professional Sales: 18 credits with 2.0 GPA

Please note that no more than 9 minor credits can be simultaneously counted towards a major, i.e., at least 9 credits must be unique to the minor.