Department of Professional Sales

Sudha Mani


Office:   VR4041
Phone:   (973) 720-3872
Office Hours:   By Appointment Only

Department: Professional Sales
Position: Assistant Professor
Area Specialization: Sales management and inter-organizational relationships


Ph D, (Business - Marketing). University of Western Ontario, 2007.
Master of Business Economics. University of Delhi, 1998.
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Delhi, 1996.

Representative Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Mani, S. (2016). Linking new product alliances to stock returns and risk. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 24(2), 131-143.

Mani, S., Luo, X. (2015). Product alliances, alliance networks, and shareholder value: Evidence from the biopharmaceutical industry. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(1), 9-22.

Mani, S., Kothandaraman, P., Kashyap, R. K., Ashnai, B. (2015). Sales Role-Plays and Mock Interviews: An Investigation of Student Performance in Sales Competitions. Journal of Marketing Education.

Conference Proceedings

Mani, S., Kothandaraman, P., Kashyap, R. K., Ashnai, B. (2014). Drivers of Student Performance in Sales Role-play Competitions (pp. 182-183). Society for Marketing Advances Proceedings.

Kashyap, R. K., Mani, S., Kothandaraman, P., Agnihotri, R. (2014). In Gittha Hegde and G. Shainesh (Ed.), Sales Professionals’ Use of Social Media to Create and Deploy Social Capital in US And Indian Firms (pp. 248-260). Bengaluru: International Conference on Social Media Marketing in Emerging Markets.

Kothandaraman, P., Mani, S., Kashyap, R. K., Agnihotri, R. (2013). End of Quarter Scrambling (EOQS): Aligning Incentives or Power of Habit?. Aalen: Global Sales Science Conference.

Other Publications

Kothandaraman, P., Mani, S., Healy, W. J. (2016). Konica Minolta Business Solutions: A Professional Approach to Selling. Case Research Journal.