Department of Professional Sales

Bahar Ashnai


Office:   V4040
Phone:   973-720-3835
Office Hours:   By appointment

Department: Professional Sales
Position: Associate Professor
Area Specialization: Business-to-Business Marketing and Selling, Sales, Buyer-Seller Relationships, International Marketing/Selling and Quantitative Methods


Ph D, (Sales). University of Manchester, 2013.
MS, (E-Commerce and Marketing). Lulea University of Technology, 2006.
BS, (Electrical Engineering). Shahid Beheshti University, 2003.

Representative Publications and Presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

Mani, S., Kothandaraman, P., Kashyap, R. K., Ashnai, B. (2015). Sales Role-Plays and Mock Interviews: An Investigation of Student Performance in Sales Competitions. Journal of Marketing Education.

Smirnova, M., Henneberg, S. C., Ashnai, B., Naudé, P., Mouzas, S. (2011). Understanding the Role of Marketing-Purchasing Collaboration in Industrial Markets: The Case of Russia. Industrial Marketing Management, 40(1), 54-64.

Gruber, T., Henneberg, S. C., Ashnai, B., Naudé, P., Reppel, A. (2010). Complaint Resolution Management Expectations in an Asymmetric Business-to-Business Context. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 25(5), 360-371.

Ashnai, B., Smirnova, M., Kouchtch, S., Barnes, O., Naudé, P. (2009). Assessing Relationship Quality in Four Business-to-Business Markets. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 27(1), 86-102.

Henneberg, S. C., Gruber, T., Reppel, A., Ashnai, B., Naudé, P. (2009). Complaint Management Expectations: An Online-Laddering Analysis of Small versus Large Firms. Industrial Marketing Management, 38(6), 584-598.

Conference Proceedings

Mani, S., Kothandaraman, P., Kashyap, R. K., Ashnai, B. (2015). Can the stock market influence alliance formation? Evidence from the biopharmaceutical industry. San Antonio, TX: Winter American Marketing Association Conference.

Mani, S., Kothandaraman, P., Kashyap, R. K., Ashnai, B. (2014). Drivers of Student Performance in Sales Role-play Competitions (pp. 182-183). Society for Marketing Advances Proceedings.

Ashnai, B. (2013). An Attitude-Behavior-Outcome Framework of Business-to-Business Relationships: Distinguishing Inter-Personal Trust and Inter-Organizational Trust, Industrial Marketing and Purchasing. IMP Conference.

Ashnai, B. (2013). The Importance of Country of Origin in Purchasing Industrial Products: The Case of the Valves Industry in Iran. International Conference on Business Market Management