Department of Economics, Finance and Global Business

Dr. Taghi Ramin


Office:   V3021
Phone:   973-720-2781
Office Hours:   By appointment

Department: Economics, Finance and GlobalBus
Position: Professor
Area Specialization: Problems of less developed countries, urban problems, and environmental problems.

Professional Degrees:

Ph.D. Economics, New York University,1986;
M.A. Economics, Long Island University,1977;
B.S. Economics, National University, 1974

Previous Appointments:

  • Professor, William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey (September 1984 - Present):
    • Taught Following Courses: Macroeconomic Principles, Microeconomic Principles, Price and the Markets, Managerial Economics, Money and Banking, The National Economy Economic of Health, and Economic Statistics.
    • Developed Following Courses: Economics of Health and Islamic Economics.
  • Visiting Professor, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran( Fall 1991):
    • Taught Economics of Energy to graduate students.
  • Visiting Professor, Institute for Research in Planning and Development, Tehran, Iran (Spring 1992):
    • Taught Monetary Economics to graduate students.
  • Visiting Professor, Islamic University, Tehran, Iran (Summer 1992):
    • Taught Microeconomics to graduate students.
    • Taught Macroeconomics to Graduate students.

Primary Research Interests:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economics of Development
  • Economics of Health

Representative Publications:

  • “Assessing the role of culture on foreign direct investment”, 74th International Atlantic Economic Conference. Montreal, Canada. (presentation, October 4 -7, 2012)
  • “Determinants of fertility: An economic explanation”, Seventy-Second International Atlantic Economic Conference, Washington, D.C. (Presentation, October 20 -23, 2011)
  • “the effect of culture on the relative wealth of countries: An international study”,with Nadeem Firoz, and Alex Kwarteng, International Journal of Management),Vol. 27, No.2, 267-277 (2010).
  • “The empirical evidence from the effect of oil revenue in an oil-exporting country,” Sixty-Third International Atlantic Economic Conference,  Madrid, Spain (Presentation, March 14-18,2007)
  • “Culture and globalization: An empirical study,” Sixty-First International Atlantic Economic Conference, Berlin, Germany (Presentation, 15 -19 March 19, 2006)
  • “E-Mails in the Workplace: The Electronic Equivalent of ‘DNA’ Evidence”, with Nadeem Firoz, The Journal of American Academy of Business, Volume 8, Pages 71 -78 (2006).
  • " E-Mail, the ‘Lingua Franca’ of Going E-Global", with N. Firoz, The Business Review, Cambridge, Volume 4, Number 2: 1-11 (2005)
  • OPEC and pricing policies: An analytical study,” Fifty-Nine International Atlantic Economic Conference, London, UK. (Presentation, 9-13 March, 2005)
  •  “Understanding cultural variables is critical to success in international business”, with N. Firoz, International Journal of Management, Vol. 21, No.3: 307 – 323(2004)
  •  “The role of foreign capital and technology in developing countries,” Fifty-Seventh International Atlantic Economic Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (Presentation, March 10-14,2004)
  •  “Investing in China’s Economic Development Zones: A Managerial Guide”, with F. Rezvani, International Journal of Management, Vol. 20, No.2: 223-232 (2003)
  • “Foreign Investment Opportunities and Customs Laws in China’s Special Economic Zones”, with A. Maghrabi, International Journal Management, Vol. 20, No.1: 109- 120 (2003)
  • “Economic Thought & International Ethics: A Search for Common Norms, the Building Blocks of Trust”, with V. Taylor, Proceedings, Seventh Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics, Hosted by  St. John’s University, New York City,  Vol. 2:  458- 461 (2000)

Representative Industrial Work/Consulting Experience:

  • West Educational Publishing, Thousand Oaks,
    North West Publishing, Redding, CA

Current Courses Offered:

  • ECON 201: Macro Economics
    Course Syllabus
    Topical Resources
  • ECON 202: Microeconomics
    Course Syllabus
    Topical Resources