Department of Economics, Finance and Global Business

Dr. Francis Cai


Office:   VRB 3028
Phone:   973-720-2178
Office Hours:   by appointment

Department: Economics, Finance and GlobalBus
Position: Professor
Area Specialization: Corporate Finance, Investment and Derivative Markets


Ph.D. (Financial Economics) The City University of New York, 1990.
M.S (Systems Engineering) Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1986
B.S.(Automation Control) Shanghai Jiao Tong University1982

Representative Publications and Presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2016). Value Relevance of Earnings, Book Value, Revenue, and R&D. Business Review, Cambridge, 24(1), 91-97.

Zhang, Ge, Chen, Haiyang, Cai, Francis, (2015), Weekly Options on Stock Pinning, The Journal o f Business and Economic Studies, Vol. 21, No. 1/No. 2, Spring/Fall 2015

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2014). High-tech Valuation and Goodwill. Competition Forum, 12(1), 66-72.

Cai, F. C., Xu, L., Zhang, G. (2014). The Impact Of Weekly Options On The Stock Returns and Volatility. The International Journal of Finance, 26(1).

Zhang, G., Chen, H., Cai, F. C. (2014). Stock Clustering Effect from Weekly Equity Options. Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 2(2), 112-124.

Cai, F. C., Wong, C. H. (2010). The Effect of IFRS Adoption on Global Market Integration. International Journal of Business and Economics Research, 9(10), 25-34.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2009). Before and After 2000: Revenue and High Tech Valuation. Competitiveness Review: an international business journal, 19(1), 26-35.

Conference Proceedings

Cai, F.C., Zhang, G, (2017), The Determinants of Life Expectancy - A Case of Four Largest Cities, March 2017, ASBBS 24th Annual Conference, March 23-25, 2017, Las Vegas

Cai, F. C., Xu, L. (2014). The impact of institutional traders on stock option pinning. Shanghai: Annual Shanghai Business, Economics and Finance Conference.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2014). Relevance of Revenues and R&D in Valuing High-tech Firms. New Jersey: 2014 IMRA-Kean International Conference.

Cai, F. C., Xu, L., Chen, H., Zhang, G. (2013). The Impact Of Weekly Options On The Stock Returns and Volatility. World Finance and Banking Symposium E-Proceedings.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2011). The Impairment of Goodwill. Atlantic City, NJ: Academy of International Business North-East USA Chapter 2011.