Department of Accounting and Law

Dr. Lianzan Xu


Office:   VRB 4073
Phone:   973-720-2963
Office Hours:   By appointment

Department: Accounting and Law
Position: Professor
Area Specialization: The relationship between financial statement information, earnings and stock prices.


Ph.D. - Business Administration (Accounting), the University of Kentucky, 1996
MBA. - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1992
MA - English, Xiamen (Amoy) University, China, 1981
BA. - English, Fujian Second Teachers' College, China, 1968

Representative Publications & Presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2016). Value Relevance of Earnings, Book Value, Revenue, and R&D. Business Review, Cambridge, 24(1), 91-97.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2014). High-tech Valuation and Goodwill. Competition Forum, 12(1), 66-72.

Cai, F. C., Xu, L., Zhang, G. (2014). The Impact Of Weekly Options On The Stock Returns and Volatility. International Journal of Finance, 26(1).

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2009). Before and After 2000: Revenue and High Tech Valuation. Competitiveness Review: an international business journal, 19(1), 26-35.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2007). The Role of Book Value in High-Tech Valuation. Advances in Competitiveness Research, 50(6), 71-80.

Conference Proceedings

Cai, F. C., Xu, L. (2014). The impact of institutional traders on stock option pinning. Shanghai: Annual Shanghai Business, Economics and Finance Conference.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2014). Relevance of Revenues and R&D in Valuing High-tech Firms. New Jersey: 2014 IMRA-Kean International Conference.

Cai, F. C., Xu, L., Chen, H., Zhang, G. (2013). The Impact Of Weekly Options On The Stock Returns and Volatility. World Finance and Banking Symposium E-Proceedings.

Xu, L., Cai, F. C. (2011). The Impairment of Goodwill. Atlantic City, NJ: Academy of International Business North-East USA Chapter 2011.

Xu, L. (2010). In Northeast Business & Economics Association (Ed.), Value Relevance of Goodwill Amortization and Impairment. NJ: 37th Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) Conference.

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