Department of Accounting and Law

Dr. Hannah Wong


Office:   Valley 4076
Phone:   973-720-3618
Office Hours:   By appointment

Department: Accounting and Law
Position: Assistant Professor
Area Specialization: Capital market research in financial accounting; reporting and valuation issues of global financial markets; integration of international accounting standards; corporate finance; investment


Ph.D. (Accounting), University of California at Los Angeles , 1996
MBA. (Accounting) - State University of New York at Buffalo, 1990
Honors Diploma (Equivalent to B.S.) in Finance - Hong Kong Baptist College, Hong Kong, 1988

Representative Publications & Presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

Wong, C. H. (in press). A complementary examination of author characteristics of finance journals. Managerial Finance.

Chan, K. C., Wong, C. H. (2014). A Retrospective Analysis of Auditing Research. International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, 22(1), 33-48.

Basu, S. N., Mir, R. A., Nassiripour, A. S., Wong, C. H. (2013). Dynamic capabilities or positioning? Integrating environmental and resource-led antecedents of firm performance. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 12, 1-16.

Wong, C. H., Nassiripour, A. S., Mir, R. A., Healy, W. J. (2011). Transfer Price Setting in Multinational Corporations. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2(9), 10-20.

Wong, C. H., Chan, K., Wong, A. (2010). Performance of Foreign Firms After Their US Listing Upgrades. Business Review, Cambridge, 15(1), 46-51.

Cai, F. C., Wong, C. H. (2010). The Effect of IFRS Adoption on Global Market Integration. International Journal of Business and Economics Research, 9(10), 25-34.

Conference Proceedings

Nagaraj, P., Wong, C. H., Arya, A. (in press). Harmonization of Financial Reporting Standards in Emerging Economies. North East Business Association.

Wong, C. H. (2013). Are Non-profit Organizations Taking Advantage of L3Cs for the purposes of Making Safe Program-Related Investments?. Decision Sciences Institute National Meeting Proceedings. November 2013.

Chan, K. C., Chan, K. C., Wong, C. H. (2012). A Retrospective Analysis of Auditing Research. American Accounting Association National Meeting.

Healy, W. J., Mir, R. A., Nassiripour, A. S., Wong, C. H. (2010). The New Multinational Corporation: Dilemmas of Control (pp. 463-468). Morristown: Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA).

Presentations Given

Wong, C. H., Northeast Business and Economics Association Annual Meeting, "Did Government Bailout Recipients Have Less Effective Corporate Governance?." (September 2011).

Cai, F. C., Dey, M., Wong, C. H., American Accounting Association Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, "The Adoption of International Financial Accounting Standards: Their Effect on Global Market Integration," American Accounting Association, Long Branch, New Jersey. (April 2009).