William Paterson has experienced successful partnerships with employers by providing them with quality interns. Throughout the years many internships have resulted in full-time hires, benefiting the student and employers. As we continue to grow as a university, we look forward to enhancing these relationships and expanding our Internship Program. What is an internship? Frequently referred to as internships, cooperative education or field work, an internship is the opportunity to earn academic credits while gaining professional work experience in a field of interest without making a long-term commitment to one career. Internships allow students to learn by taking on responsible roles as workers and to observe and reflect on what happens while at their assignment sites.

Employer Responsibility

Create work assignments that are closely related to the student's field of study. Supervise and direct the activities of the student worker. Provide guidance and monitoring. Provide evaluation of the student's job performance and maintain contact with the university periodically.

Student Responsibility

Meet with a faculty coordinator to register for an internship course and develop a learning contract. Be productive, professional and responsible while fulfilling work assignments. Cooperate and work closely with site supervisor (employer).

Faculty Obligations

Work with Faculty to help identify appropriate professional settings and determine whether they provide a legitimate educational experience worthy of academic credit. Visit and/or evaluate the potential internship sites. Screen and refer students who meet the requirements of the employer and the internship program. Serve as key contact person with student and employer to ensure that student fulfills learning contract; offer assistance if needed.

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