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"To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions. "
~Marcus Aurelius

What is Sociology?

The field of sociology is concerned with the study of the organization and behavior of human groups, communities or various social, economic, political or religious groups. Sociologists study the ways in which human behavior is predictable and affected by such factors as one's organizational position, social class, race, and gender. They also examine how social problems such as poverty, crime, and pollution are framed by our social institutions, and how change affects social groups, including the dramatic changes that are currently taking place among urban industrial societies throughout the world.

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Interests and Skills

  • Ability to examine and interpret world events
  • Can see correlations and relationships between events and factors
  • Can write and present information in a clear, succinct manner
  • Can interpret ideas and events
  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Integrity
  • Appreciation of diverse cultures and groups
  • Tact
  • Knowledge of social structures and change


Work Environment

Sociology majors can work in a variety of different settings including nursing homes, insurance companies and for private foundations. In addition, they might work in non-profit settings, environmental advocacy groups, and federal agencies. They might also work in retail, in business or in banks.

Possible Job Titles

Academic Advisor
Admissions Counselor
Adoption Agent
Aging Specialist
Alcohol and Drug Case Worker
Career Services Counselor
Case Aid Worker
Child Welfare Officer
City Manager
City Planner
Community Service Agency Worker
Compensation/Benefits Worker
Congressional Aid
Consumer Advocate
Consumer Survey Advisor
Convention Organizer
Cooperative Extension Agent
Corrections Officer
Data Analyst

Day Care Worker
Delinquency Counselor
EEO Representative
Family Guidance Clinic Worker
Foster Care Worker
Grievance Officer
Hall Director
Human Resources Assistant
Independent Living Trainer
Insurance Agent/Broker
Job Analyst
Labor Relations Represent
Marriage and Family Therapist
News Correspondent
Peace Corps Volunteer
Personnel Interviewer
Personnel Specialist

Public Opinion Specialist
Public Relations Specialist
Recreation Director
Recreation Therapist
Rehabilitation Counselor
Sales Representative
School Counselor
Secret Service Agent
Shipping Operations
Social Movement Organizer
Social Scientist
Statistical Analyst
Student Life Administrator
Substance Abuse Counselor
Technical Writer
Veterans Affairs Specialist
Welfare Counselor
Youth Specialist


Enhance Your Qualifications

Students who major in Sociology at William Paterson University have numerous opportunities to enhance their academic experience. Students can obtain internships at police stations, museums and non-profit organizations through the Sociology department. In addition, students can join the Sociology Club which will enable them to meet others in their major with similar interests and career goals. The department also offers membership to Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociology Honors Society, to students who meet certain GPA requirements. Students can contact the department for more information. Finally, many students find that a study abroad experience enhances their curriculum because they are given the opportunity to experience other cultures.


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Other Sources of Information

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in Sociology. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have. Visiting the department may also prove valuable in addressing questions.