Political Science

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"I seldom think of politics more than 18 hours a day. "
~ Lyndon Baines Johnson

What is Political Science?

Political Science is the study of governments and governing procedures. Students who are interested in pursing careers in law, politics, or as a civic leader benefit from the study of political science because they learn how governments are constituted and how better laws and governments can be developed in order to benefit the people of the world.

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Interests and Skills

  • Prestige
  • Achievement
  • Desire to render public service
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive drive
  • Tact
  • Poise
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Desire for recognition and to influence others


Work Environment

Political Science majors can work in a variety of different settings. They can work in federal, state and local government. In addition, they may find employment in law firms, corporations and non profit organizations. Financial companies, political action committees and various media outlets may also employ political science majors.

Possible Job Titles

Activities Specialist
Advertising Executive
Campaign Manager
Campaign Staffer
City Manager
Claims Adjudicator
Community Relations Director
Compliance Director
Congressional Aide
Congressional Relations Director
County Agent
County Director
Court Administrator
Development Associate

Director of Public Policy
Foreign Service Officer
Historic Preservationist
Historic Site Interpreter
Human Resources Professional
International Relations Manager
International Trade Specialist
Job Developer
Legal Assistant
Legislative Assistant
Municipal Services Supervisor

Peace Corps Volunteer
Policy Analyst
Political Pollster
Senatorial Staff Member
Social Services Administrator
Special Agent
Special Interest Group Advocate
Welfare Specialist
Textbook Writer/Editor
Urban Planner
Regional Planner


Enhance Your Qualifications

Students in the Political Science major at William Paterson have numerous opportunities to enhance their academic experience. Students can contact the department about internships in museums, law offices, and government. Also, many students find that a study abroad experience enhances their curriculum because they are given the opportunity to experience different cultures and governments first hand. Students can join the Political Science Club which will enable them to meet others in their major with similar interests and career goals. The department also offers membership to Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Honors Society, to students who meet certain GPA requirements. Students can contact the department for more information.


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Other Sources of Information

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in political science. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have.