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"If you make a product good enough, even though you live in the depths of the forest the public will make a path to your door, says the philosopher. But if you want the public in sufficient numbers, you better construct a highway"
~ William Randolph Hearst

What is marketing?

While there used to be a belief that marketing and advertising/sales were one in the same, marketing has gone through an evolution in recent years and the two fields are now quite distinct from each other. Marketers not only promote products, but are also responsible for identifying the consumer need for a product or service, researching what consumers want, and developing the product or service which includes making informed decisions on price, packaging, and distribution. Promotion of the end product/service may include advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion through large scale campaigns. Within the marketing field, jobs are grouped in various areas including sales, customer relations, purchasing/procurement, retail, banking, brand management, and market research.

To concentrate in marketing at William Paterson University, WPU students must be in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Students complete a common 33 credit business core required of all business majors, with an additional 18 credits in the marketing concentration. Classes within the concentration include, but are not limited to, Multinational Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Marketing Management. All business majors must accumulate enrichment points through internship, practicum, and/or job shadowing alternatives.

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What interests and skills do potential employers value in this career?

  • critical thinking
  • analyzing and interpreting data
  • good communication skills
  • active listening
  • directing and managing people and programs
  • selling products and services
  • excellent writing skills
  • negotiation skills
  • ability to plan and prepare reports regarding status and budgets


What types of jobs can marketing majors get?

Work Environment :
Marketing professionals, or careers related to marketing, are located in a variety of industries and environments. Professionals may choose to work in profit or nonprofit organizations, financial companies, manufacturers, print and electronic media, consulting firms, retail stores, banks, research firms, public/education institutions, hospitals/healthcare, and consulting firms.


Possible Job Titles

Account Representative
Advertising Executive
Art Director
Bank Officer
Circulation Manager
Claims Adjuster/Examiner
Commercial Artist
Comparison Shopper
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Consumer Credit/Loan Officer
Credit Manager
Product Manager
Promotions Director
Property Manager
Public Relations Manager
Research Analyst
Credit/Loan Administrator
Customer Service Manager
Development Officer
Direct Mail Specialist
Distribution Manager
District Sales Manager
Brand Manager
Sales Manager
Telemarketing Representative
Telecommunications Director
Urban/Regional Planner
Wholesale Salesperson

Employment Agency Counselor
Financial Planner
Financial Planner
Franchise Specialist
Government Adminstrator
Grant Writer
Import/Export Manager
Inside Salesperson
Insurance Agent
Sales Agent
International Marketer
Internet Marketing Specialist
Inventory Control Specialist
Management Trainee
Market Representative
Market Research Interviewer
Marketing Field Coordinator
Marketing Planner
Marketing Researcher
Media Buyer/Analyst
Merchandising Manager
Non-Profit Organization Manager
Packaging Specialist
Product Analyst
Traffic Coordinator
Retail Manager
Television Shopping Channel Coordinator

In what locations and capacities have William Paterson University business alumni worked?

Market Support Specialist Verizon

Marketing Coordinator Hankook Tire America Corporation

Merchandiser Liz Claiborne

Project Manager Lucent Technologies

Research Analyst Thompson Financial

Administrator, International Marketing The Hertz Corporation

Customer Service Representative The Bank of New York

Marketing Coordinator Prudent Publishing

Retail Manager Abercrombie & Fitch

Marketing Langan Engineering

Assistant Manager Office Depot

Creative Director Turner Direct

Expansion Coordinator MovieFone, Ince

Management Associate Valley National Bank

Management Trainee Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Marketing Director Access Financial Planning

Realtor Coccia Realty

Supervising Manager Russell Marketing Research


Aside from majoring in marketing, what else can I do that may enhance my qualifications?

Successful students tend to seek out opportunities to enhance their qualifications through a variety of means. Within marketing, some suggestions may include joining or becoming a leader in career-related campus organizations, including the Student Business Association; joining a national professional marketing association; gaining practical experience through an internship/practicum/job shadowing (part of MRKT 460); and attending networking functions.

What else can I read about marketing?

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Other sources of information :

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in marketing. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have. Visiting the marketing & management department on campus may also prove valuable in addressing questions.