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"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
~ Mark Twain

What is English?

English is the study of literature and writing which includes the interpretation and analyses of texts. Students at WPUNJ can choose to concentrate in literature or writing and take courses in English, American and comparative literature; linguistics, criticism and writing; or contemporary themes in literature and film. The communication skills gained in this program are essential for gaining careers in teaching, journalism, publishing, and in all areas of business. In addition, English is also a popular major for students who have plans to go on for law and graduate degrees.

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Note: students that choose to major in English and Education have different curriculum requirements.

Interests and Skills

  • Ability to Clarify ideas
  • Can edit and summarize ideas
  • Problem -solving
  • Exemplary writing and communication skills
  • Research and analytical Skills
  • Creative


Work Environment

People who graduate with a degree in English can work in a variety of different settings. They may work in large corporations, government agencies, or at internet sites. In addition, they may pursue working for newspaper, magazine, or book publishers in a variety of different capacities. Graduates might work in schools and libraries. Universities and university presses provide additional opportunities for employment. Other options include pursuing employment in law firms, non-profit companies and broadcast media companies.

Possible Job Titles

Acquisitions Editor
Administrative Assistant
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Traffic Manager
Book Critic
Circulation Assistant
City Manager
College Professor
Comedy Writer
Communication Assistant
Communication Manager
Congressional Aide
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Creative Writer
Crisis Manager
Crossword Puzzle Creator
Customer Service
Desktop Publisher
Documentation Specialist
Editor, Film/Video
Magazine Editor
News Editor
Book Editor
Editorial Assistant Education & Training Specialist
Educational Program Specialist
Entertainment Agent
ESL Teacher
Fashion Merchandiser
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Service Representative
Freelance Writer/Consultant
Fundraiser Coordinator
Greeting Card Writer
Hearing Officer
Information Abstractor
Insurance Agent
Interpreter & Translator


Legal Assistant
Literary Agent
Loan Officer
Magazine Writer
Management Trainee
Manuscript Reader
Mass Media
Media Director/Buyer
Media Planner
Narrator Novelist
Paralegal Assistant
Peace Corps Volunteer
Press Representative
Public Administrator
Publications Specialist
Publishing Assistant
Radio/TV Commentator
Radio/TV Newscaster
Reading Consultant
Research Assistant
Retail Sales
Sales Representative
Sales/Service Manager
Script Reader
Special Concerns Advocate
Special Events Coordinator
Speech Writer
Sports Writer
Talent Agent
Training Specialist
Writer Public Speaker


Enhance Your Qualificaitons

Students in the English major at William Paterson have numerous opportunities to enhance their academic experience. Students can contact the department about internships in publishing and the arts. Also, many students find that a study abroad for a cultural experience that will enhance their curriculum. Finally, students can join the English Club (Essence Literary Magazine) and write for the Beacon Newspaper to help enhance their writing abilities and experience. The department also offers membership to Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Society, to students who meet certain GPA requirements. Students can contact the department for more information.


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Other Sources of Information

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in English. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have. Visiting the English department may also prove valuable in addressing questions.