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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"
~William Butler Yeats

What is education?

Education is the act of imparting knowledge or skill to a recipient. For students, a program in education leads to educating others through teaching, leading camps and day care centers, researching, making policies, and other knowledge-driven activities. To teach, one must be aware that in addition to increasing a student's knowledge base, a teacher is also impacting the social, personal, and cultural development of individuals. Teachers communicate ideas, develop learning activities, evaluate academic performance, and interact with parents and guardians.

The Teacher Education Certification program at William Paterson University leads to teacher certification in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Subject Area, Physical Education, Special Education, and Music Education. To be eligible to pursue a particular certificate, a student must be in the appropriate major. Please refer to the Education Department for a list of appropriate majors for specific certifications. All programs require a full semester of student teaching in a local NJ district. Certification programs generally range from 30-36 credits and classes in each program are specific to the area of study.

To learn more about the certification program requirements, please visit this link:

Admissions information on education programs is located here:


What interests and skills do potential employers value in this career?

  • Organization skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team
  • Flexibility
  • Computer skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Decisiveness


What types of jobs can certified teachers get?

Work Environment :
People working within the field of education have several options in terms of work environment. While the most apparent is becoming a school teacher, there are several other options, including: working in camps, churches, colleges and universities, boards of education, testing service companies, museums, day care centers, correctional facilities, libraries, hospitals, publishing companies, community centers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, camps, adoption agencies, and youth services. Education programs are certification programs designed to be completed alongside a major, and all job titles listed are occupied by those who had a major in addition to teacher certification in a specialized area. In some cases, a master's degree or additional certification is needed beyond the bachelors and initial certification.


Possible Job Titles

Education Teacher
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Athletic Coach
Child Life Specialist
Curriculum Specialist
Day Care Administrator
Educational Sales Representative
Education and Training Administrator
Educational Administrator
Student Admissions Administrator
Student Affairs Administrator
Student Personnel Services Manager
Educational Resource Coordinator
Educational Therapist
Elementary School Teacher
Employee Training Instructor
Financial Aid Counselor
Grant Writer
Guidance Counselor
Historic Site Administrator

Pre-School Teacher
Training Specialist
Media Center Specialist
Missionary Worker
High School Teacher (various subjects)
Special Education Teacher
School Psychologist
Social Services Volunteer
Speech Pathologist
Library Consultant
Day Camp Coordinator
Day Care Center Manager
Adoption Agency Placement Counselor
Outdoor/Adventure Leader
Textbook editor
Department of Education staff
Instructor, College or University
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

In what locations and capacities have William Paterson education program alumni worked?

Principal Board of Education - Clark

Reading Supervisor Board of Education - Hawthorne

Reading Resource Teachers local NJ districts

Resource Room Teachers local NJ districts

Special Education Teachers local NJ districts

Teachers of the Handicapped local NJ districts

Elementary School Teachers local NJ districts

Middle School Teachers local NJ districts

High School Teachers local NJ districts


Aside from being in the teacher education program, what else can I do that may enhance my qualifications?

Successful students tend to seek out opportunities to enhance their qualifications through a variety of means. Within education, some suggestions may include gaining practical experience through internship/externship/practicum/job shadowing; substitute teaching; working as a tutor; working in childcare; joining a professional education organization; becoming involved and taking leadership positions in career-related campus organizations; developing computer skills; build a portfolio; looking into the possibility of graduate school; considering more than one certification; learning another language; and attending networking functions.

What else can I read about education?

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Other sources of information :

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in education. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have. Visiting the College of Education on campus may also prove valuable in addressing questions.