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"Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people."
~William Butler Yeats

What is communication?

The Communication program features career-oriented courses such as advertising, public relations, broadcasting (radio and television), theater, video filmmaking and editing, and journalism. These courses stress the creation, transmission, and evaluation of messages for commercial or noncommercial purposes and prepares individuals to apply the principles of communication to work in varied media. The Communication major offers a broad range of experiences that enable students to acquire the necessary professional skills and cultural background needed to work for the media, in the corporate world, or in other professions

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What interests and skills do potential employers value in this career?

  • Creativity
  • Desire for recognition and to influence others
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Poise and composure under close public scrutiny and criticism
  • Appreciation for clear and stimulating communication
  • Pleasant and friendly attitude
  • Imagination
  • Versatility
  • Self confidence


Possible Job Titles

Academic Advisor
Advertising Executive
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Manager
Agency Manager
Assistant Buyer
Association Administrator
Broadcast Advertiser
Community Affairs Coordinator
Consumer Affairs Coordinator
Contracts Assistant
Copy Editor/Writer
Corporate Communication Corporate Training
News Correspondent
Events Planner
Fashion Merchandiser
Fundraiser Coordinator
Government Relations Specialist
Graphic Artist
Greeting Card Writer
Human Resources Administrator
Labor Relations Administrator
Information Specialist
Insurance Agent/Broker
Investigative Reporter
Investor Relations


Market Research Analyst
Media Librarian
Media Manager
News Analyst
Newspaper Editor
Print Production Coordinator Producer- TV, Film, Theatre
Press Secretary
Production Assistant
Promotions Manager
Public Relations Agent
Real Estate Agent
Recreation/Attraction Manager
Research Worker
Retail Manager
Sales Representative
Service Representative
Special Events Coordinator
Speech Writer
Sports Director
Technical Writer
Telemarketing Specialist
Training Specialist
Travel Agent
TV Director
Video Graphics Artist
Video Journalist
Videographer Wedding Planner


Aside from majoring in communication, what else can I do that may enhance my qualifications?

Students in the Communication major at William Paterson have numerous opportunities to enhance their academic experience. Students can contact the department about internships in publishing, media and the arts. Also, many students find that a study abroad for a cultural experience that will enhance their curriculum. Also, many students write for the Beacon Newspaper, work at the William Paterson television station, WPBN and join the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) to help enhance their abilities and experience. The department also offers membership to Alpha Psi Omega, the Communication Honors Society, to students who meet certain GPA requirements. Students can contact the department for more information.


What else can I read about communication?

Media Bistro
Women in Communication
The Ad Council


WPU Alumni:

President Palmyra Media Group

Human Resources Representative Image Incorporated

Specialty Sales Rep Alphama Pharmaceuticals

Editor Recorder Publishing Company

Director Broadcast Operations - SnoCountry Worldwide

Typesetter Asbury Park Press

Account Executive Bernard Holes Advertising

Assistant Teacher Local School Districts

Editorial Assistant Pearson Education

Phone Specialist Optimum

Promotions Assistant MTV Networks

Production Assistant UPN 9 News

Affiliate Relations Cutting Edge Personnel

Assistant Analyst MCI World Communications

Commercial Insertion Comcast Cable

Communication Associate Editor McGraw-Hill

Loan Servicing NY Sports Club

On-air Talent Jersey Boy Media

Producer/director Moving Picture

Other sources of information :

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in communication. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have. Visiting the communications department may also prove valuable in addressing questions.