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What is Spanish?

Studying Spanish allows students to become fluent speakers of the language, gain greater insight into the Spanish culture and become more connected in today’s world. It is estimated that 50 million people worldwide speak Spanish. As a result, employment opportunities for fluent speakers now extend well beyond education, travel and business. With the technology boom that provides instant worldwide access and the amount of people who speak Spanish continuously on the rise, there is an increased demand for proficient Spanish speakers across all disciplines.

At William Paterson University, students have the opportunity to earn a B.A. in Spanish. This is a 33 credit major that consists of 5 core classes, 4 electives and 2 seminars. Additional coursework may be taken to earn teacher certification. Students may minor in another field of interest to supplement their Spanish major. In addition, Global Studies majors like to minor in Spanish.

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Interests and Skills

  • Intellectual growth
  • Appreciation of Spanish culture
  • Desire for peace and harmony
  • Linguistic ability
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Self-Discipline
  • Alertness
  • Multicultural sensitivitiy and acceptance


Work Environment

Students who major in Spanish may work in a variety of different settings upon graduation They can work in consulting agencies, international companies and financial institutions. In addition, they may work in communities, schools, non profit organizations and hospitals. They can work for travel agencies, tour companies and government associations. They may also work in the courts, in libraries and at publishing companies.


Enhance Your Qualifications

Students in the Language and Cultures major at William Paterson University have numerous opportunities to enhance their academic experience. Students can inquire about internships with a variety of organizations. In addition, many students find that the study abroad program, which allows them to practice speaking Spanish with native speakers, significantly enhances their educational experience. In addition, students may connect on LinkedIn with individuals who they meet during their study abroad programs. Students should also connect with professors, fellow students and other professionals. Students may join groups on Linked in and professional organizations in their areas of interest. Many students join the Spanish Club which enables them to meet others with similar interests and career goals. In addition, the department sponsors some noteworthy events including the annual bilingual/ESL conference and the Annual Circulo de Cultura Panamericano Conference on Spanish and Latino American literature and culture.


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Other Sources of Information

Please drop by the Career Development and Advisement Center to learn more about careers in Sociology. The career library carries career-specific books and counselors are available to answer any further questions you may have. Visiting the department may also prove valuable in addressing questions.