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Junior Year Plan 

  • Use FOCUS II to explore career possibilities utilizing your academic major.
  • Meet with a Career counselor and/or your Academic Advisor to review your career plans.
  • Identify at least three careers within your field of interest and two alternatives.
  • Update your WP Job Connect account for referral to career-related positions and internships and to receive important career development announcements.
  • Fine tune your resume and develop a cover letter to apply for internships or career-related psoitions. Have them critiqued by a Career Counselor
  • Continue to acquire career related experience.
  • Update your Career Planning Portfolio; list four to six marketable skills you have developed through a job, internship, club/ organization, campus involvement, volunteer experience, or a class project.
  • Review graduate school plans with a Career Counselor, Graduate School Advisor or Faculty Advisor regarding graduate school admission.
  • Begin preparing for graduate school entrance exams by taking computerized practice tests.
  • Continue involvement in a club/volunteer organization. Acquire some level of leadership experience.
  • Identify three professional organizations in your field and join one as a student member.
  • Network with 10-15 people who are in a job related to your major or field of interest.
  • Enhance computer skills; learn newest word processing, database or spreadsheet software program. Learn computer skills related to your field of study.
  • Attend Job Fairs to increase awareness of career opportunities, to develop future contacts, and for leads on internships, part-time and summer jobs.
  • Utilize the Internet to research web sites for career information.