First Year

Sophomore | Junior | Senior | Graduate School


  • Complete an interest inventory as a starting point for career planning
  • Utilize FOCUS II, our computerized guidance systems for further career clarification and information
  • Register with the Career Development Center via WP Job Connect for referral to part-time or summer jobs and to receive important career development announcements
  • Meet with a career counselor and/or your Academic Advisor to develop career plans
  • Initiate your Career Planning Portfolio. Attend career planning portfolio workshops for materials and information
  • Research at least three career fields, using the Internet or the Career Library resources
  • Volunteer/ join at least one campus club or community-based organization
  • Attend at least one workshop per semester, especially the a Careers In... workshops
  • Start creating a resume for part-time and summer jobs. Have it critiqued by a Career Counselor
  • Attend Job Fairs to increase awareness of career opportunities, to develop future contacts, and for leads on part-time and summer jobs
  • Begin networking by initiating five to ten professionals contacts
  • Develop/enhance computer skills; learn one new program each year such as the Microsoft Office package.(Attend email/web training sessions and use your account regularly)
  • Strive to maintain a strong GPA in order to qualify for honors programs, internships, entrance to graduate school and other opportunities