Salary Negotiations

Most companies have a salary range for each job. Your ability to negotiate within that range depends on your qualifications together with the salary information you have learned from doing your homework. There is no substitute for knowing the facts and using them for your benefit. Here are some ways to deal with the salary issues.


What do you do when the interviewer asks difficult questions like these:


  • Have you thought about salary?
  • What salary are you expecting?
  • What is the minimum salary you would accept?

Best approach:

If possible, reverse the issue by answering the question with a question.

Suggested responses:

  • What is the salary range for this position?"
  • "My current salary is x. What are your guidelines?"
  • "Most of my peers who are also graduating business majors have been receiving offers in the 20-24k range. What range is authorized for this position?"


Do your homework:

  • Obtain salary surveys from trade publications. associations; and industry
  • Ask people in search firms about the current salary ranges for your job level.
  • Talk to people in the same field with other companies.