Interview Attire (Men)


People make judgments within the first five minutes of an interview. If you appear clean, neat and polished, you will make a good impression.

  • Solid or pinstriped gray or navy blue suit is always a good investment. However, if your budget doesn't allow you to buy a suit, you can wear a navy blazer and gray trousers. In general, dress above what the job requires. Consider colors you look good in.
  • Remember to wear a cotton undershirt with your shirt even in hot weather (it makes the shirt look whiter). Take your shirts to commercial laundry or dry cleaner and ask for starch (they come out looking much better than you could do at home). Put on a shirt which is fresh from the cleaners just before the interview. Check your shirt to see if it needs pressing and keep your shoes freshly shined.
  • If you wear suspenders, don't wear a belt also. The suspenders should match or complement your ties. It will be easier to coordinate suspenders and ties if the suspenders are solid or striped (burgundy/navy or red/navy).
  • As for the tie, it should be silk striped, paisley or have a small pattern such as dots. Avoid large, elaborate patterns or ties with too many colors.