Resources for Students with Disabilities


JAN - Job Accommodation Network
A free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA), and the employability of people with disabilities

DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology)
Works to increase the successful participation of people with disabilities in academic programs and careers.

A program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) offering Outstanding Internship Opportunities for Students with Disabilities in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and some fields of Business.

Job Access
Working with Companies, Non-Profits, and others to employ people with disabilities.

Tips for Self Advocacy in the Workplace
This article outlines and describes steps that adults with learning disabilities can take to become self-advocates and to request accommodations or services in the workplace.

Federal Employment of People with Disabilities
Helps Americans, with and without disabilities, better understand how to hire and retain persons with disabilities.

Guide to Disability Law
A general primer on the various federal laws that impact the lives of people with disabilities.

A leading non-profit organization for children and adults with ADHD.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by learning disabilities. National information and referral, public outreach and communications, and legislative advocacy and; public policy.

Learning Disabilities Association of America
Provides general information about learning disabilities, while local chapters provide referrals to physicians and treatment centers. Provides information and referral to state chapters, parent resources, and local support groups. Publishes news briefs and a professional journal.

IRS/People with Disabilities
We believe in the abilities of all of our professionals - and, we're committed to hiring qualified individuals at all levels of our organization. Our goal at the IRS, as an employer of people with disabilities, is to be a model within the Federal Government and for companies in the private sector.

We have always believed in offering employment opportunities for all and have continually encouraged employers who've used totaljobs.com to place their job vacancies onto jobability, and in doing so to adopt an inclusive approach to recruitment.

Career-guidance and recruitment magazine for people with disabilities who are at undergraduate, graduate, or professional levels. Each issue features a special Braille section. CAREERS & the disABLED has won many awards, including several media "Award of Excellence"