Shea Auditorium

Shea Auditorium Opens after Renovation

Capital Planning, Design and Construction is pleased to announce the re-opening of the Shea Auditorium after its recent renovation.  A busy Winter Break brought about the much-needed renovation of the Shea Auditorium.  With the last show of the year on December 20th and the holidays looming, our demolition contractor mobilized and had all seats removed from the space the following day. 

The venue received 918 new seats, painted walls, new flooring, top-to-bottom cleaning and a lighting retrofit.  The seating replaced chairs that were over 40 years old, were missing the front row and were no longer able to be repaired.  The new seats have wood aisle end panels and arms that bring a feeling of warmth to the room. 

The top-to-bottom cleaning involved erecting scaffolding to access the trusses, ducts and ceiling fixtures.  All exposed surfaces were cleaned using HEPA filter vacuums.  The air conditioning registers and duct interiors were also cleaned which will improve indoor air quality. 

The lighting retrofit replaced approximately 100 lamps that were 150, 200 and 300 Watt incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs of 12 and 17 Watts.  Besides the reduction in energy, the new LED lamps have increased the service life over the previous lamps from 1,500 to 50,000 hours.  The new seats also have LED aisle lighting.

Photo Gallery:

Shea Auditorium - before renovation, December 2014

Shea Auditorium - before renovation

Seats missing from the front row before renovation

Shea Auditorium - front row seats

Seats before renovation

Shea Renovation - seating removed

Shea under construction

Shea Auditorium - after renovations

New seating

New LED lighting