Club Sports

The staff in the Office of Campus Activities and Student Leadership plays a critical role in the oversight of clubs and organizations, special events and a variety of committees and boards of the Student Government. The staff members serve as liaisons, advisors and mentors as needed to student leaders and various governing boards to enhance campus life, but also to ensure that educational and diverse opportunities as well as ethical and risk management issues are examined and addressed when planning and implementing policies, procedures, and special events on campus. Their role with Club Sports is similar to all clubs in advising them through the recognition process, monitoring their activities and student access, as well as more direct involvement in their affairs since Club Sports have extraordinary needs.
Current Club Sports:
Bowling    Cheerleading   Dance Team   Equestrian    Ice Hockey   Men's Rugby

Student Membership and Eligibility
All undergraduate students and graduate students who pay the activities fee are members of the SGA and are eligible to join a club sport as a regular member. However, membership does not guarantee any level of playing time. Competing clubs maybe required to fulfill eligibility requirements dictated by their league or association. Alumni are not eligible to participate on a Club Team but may be qualified to be a coach or to volunteer behind the scene for any Club Sports Team. Club presidents must submit complete roster lists for eligibility verification by the posted deadline in this handbook or at least one week prior to the start of the first practice. Participation by ineligible individuals or persons not listed will result in disciplinary action. All students must have a GPA of 2.0 to be a participant on a club sports team and an officer must maintain a minimum a GPA of at least a 2.3. Students must also be in good judicial standing with the University in order to remain eligible.

Recognition Process
New Club Sports
Club Sports teams seeking recognition must submit the New Club Sports application and all related documents at least one week prior to a scheduled CSAB meeting. The CSAB will only consider complete applications. The Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership or designee will advise interested groups during this phase along with the SGA Financial Manager as needed.
A New Club Sports Application must include the following:
Club Name: Listing the name of the club 
E-Board Members: The name, addresses, and telephones numbers of the organization's President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If a new organization has not held elections, two members must take interim responsibility for that position until such time that the organization elects a President. (Residents must include both their home and campus addresses and phone numbers.)
Advisor and Coach: Advisor and coaches contact information, including their home address and phone numbers. The coach should also submit a Cover Letter, Resume, and at least three references. The coach must also provide CPR verification as well as league credentials.
Team Members Information: Membership participants including the addresses and telephone numbers, on-campus information when applicable, their 855 numbers, and their gender. To be recognized as an active Club Sports team, there must be at least 15 active members for the upcoming year.
Mission Statement: The purpose, goals, and standards of the organization, including a team mission statement.
Budget Proposal: A copy of the club's proposed budget. This should include an itemized list of anticipated field fees, travel expenses, equipment, team apparel, trainer fees, referee fees, league fees, and any other expenses that may need to be considered prior to the CSAB approval. The budget should also include the club teams anticipated player dues paid by students to help defray the costs associated with competing during the session.
Proposed Sample Schedule: A copy of the club's planned activity schedule. This should include information concerning the time and duration of in-season practices, the type of facilities used or desired, and the length of the sports season. If the club team is attempting to renew their Club Status at William Paterson University, there planned activity schedule should include information from the past two sports seasons.