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Residence Hall: Overlook South

Master's Degree: Secondary English Education, Rutgers University

Bachelor's Degree: English, Douglass College, Rutgers University

  • And December It Is!


    Seriously? Is it really December already? Someone once told me that there is a scientific theory that explains why every year seems to pass by quicker and quicker. I'm not familiar with this theory but I'm sure if I understood it, it would explain why this December felt shorter than the last, and why the last felt shorter than the one before. 

    When I reflect on this semester, I think of the many things I've accomplished! I attended fun events and programs. I cooked with my staff, and taught students in my building how to knit. I traveled far to visit old friends while meeting new friends all along. I spent time with family and I listened to students while they talked about their families, their cultures, and their beliefs. Overall, I've learned so much this semester and once again, I am so lucky to have done so.

    Rockefeller Tree

    One day when I'm no longer a Resident Director, I will remember these moments and miss it all! Yes, it's true that living where you work and working where you live can be stressful at times. But this semester, I have to say, it has been a meaningful and unforgettable experience. I can honestly say that I will never forget memories of my RAs talking in weird made-up languages to each other. Or how I got lost in the woods at night with a fellow co-worker and had to call police to come save us. Or how every time I walk into my building, a resident stops me to say "Hi Noor!" I love my job, but most of all, I love my community.

    Maybe next semester won't feel so short...