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Residence Hall: Overlook South

Master's Degree: Secondary English Education, Rutgers University

Bachelor's Degree: English, Douglass College, Rutgers University

  • Hiking the High Mountain Park Preserve


    On Saturday, I asked my RAs to join me for a hike of the High Mountain Park Preserve. The High Mountain Park Preserve is a hiking trail in Wayne, NJ that is conveniently located right next to campus! It covers 1153.7 acres of land. I've hiked this trail several times and I find that it looks and feels different every time I go. This was my first time hiking the park in the fall, and it was so beautiful! The yellow trail is my favorite because it leads you to a look out point where you can see New York City and its suburbs.

    Look Out

    As my RA and I were nearing the end of the trail, I told him how much I appreciated having this trail right next to campus. Not only is William Paterson's location so convenient (check out all the shopping and restaurants in the area) but we also have nature close by!