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Residence Hall: Overlook South

Master's Degree: Secondary English Education, Rutgers University

Bachelor's Degree: English, Douglass College, Rutgers University

  • Professional Conference


    One of the benefits of being an RD on campus is the ability to attend professional conferences for people just like me: RDs! Last week, I attended the annual MACUHO conference in Reading, PA. This conference is for anyone in higher education housing, so anyone who works full-time in housing on a college campus. Every year I try to attend this conference and every year, I am more and more excited to attend! 

    One of my favorite things about attending the annual MACUHO conference is the ability to meet other professionals in housing. It allows me to chat with these awesome people about their campuses and all the fun things they do for their residents on their campuses. We get to share ideas, and I also get to attend sessions to improve my performance as an RD as well. Last year, for example, I attended a conference that spoke about using blogs to engage students on campus. So...I brought this idea to our Residence Life department, and after a few months, here we are, with a blog of our own! Have I mentioned how excited I am to be able to host a blog like this one? I'm proud that our university has taken the initiative to allow students to share their experiences online! Yay Willy P!

    And what greeted me when I returned to campus from the conference? A snowy campus! I don't have any pictures of the snow, but I do have a picture of the trees outside of my Overlook South Hall apartment from a few weeks ago. I just love my view!

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