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Residence Hall: Overlook South

Master's Degree: Secondary English Education, Rutgers University

Bachelor's Degree: English, Douglass College, Rutgers University

  • Mattress Art

    So sometime last week, I walked into the central Residence Life Office and discovered the below picture sitting on someone's desk.


    I was curious and asked, "What's this?" I was told that a WPU artist made a bedspread of pennies and asked our department if we had a mattress to spare for the art project. Our department assisted by allowing the artist to borrow a mattress but we had no idea what kind of art project this was. And lo and behold, a penny bedspread! Who knew something so simple could be a work of art?

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  • Busy Bee

    February marks the beginning of a busy time for most Residence Life departments. What most students don't realize is how much work Residence Life does to provide housing, programs, and support to our many residents. For example, currently I am spending my days interviewing RA candidates. Watching the RA candidates during their creative presentations, I can't help but feel in awe at the amazing talent we have on our campus. I mean, seriously, where do these students get such creativity? I love when a student inspires me to think, or even better, when something they say gives me goose bumps! Keep it up, Willy P!

    In the meantime, I saw a bunch of quotes about busyness online today and I thought I would share:


    • Bustled about like so many ants roused by the approach of a foe —J. Hampden Porte
    • Busy as a dog with fleas —Anon
    • Busy as a fiddler’s elbow —Harry Prince
    • Busy as a hen with one chicken —John Ray’s Proverbs
    • Busy as an oven at Christmas —Michael Denham
    • Busy as ants in a breadbox —Anon
    • Busy as a ticking clock —Anon
    • Busy as the day is long —Vincent Stuckey Lean
    • Busy as the devil in a gale of wind —Walter Scott
    • Get busy like a bomb —Erich Maria Remarque
    • Humming like a hive —John Gardner
    • one who had always a multiplicity of tasks on hand —Charlotte Brontë
    • [Being Secretary of Defense] is like getting a shave and having your appendix out at the same time —Robert Lovett, Saturday Evening Post, May 28, 1960
    • Like a squirrel in a cage, always in action —Aphra Behn

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  • And December It Is!

    Seriously? Is it really December already? Someone once told me that there is a scientific theory that explains why every year seems to pass by quicker and quicker. I'm not familiar with this theory but I'm sure if I understood it, it would explain why this December felt shorter than the last, and why the last felt shorter than the one before. 

    When I reflect on this semester, I think of the many things I've accomplished! I attended fun events and programs. I cooked with my staff, and taught students in my building how to knit. I traveled far to visit old friends while meeting new friends all along. I spent time with family and I listened to students while they talked about their families, their cultures, and their beliefs. Overall, I've learned so much this semester and once again, I am so lucky to have done so.

    Rockefeller Tree

    One day when I'm no longer a Resident Director, I will remember these moments and miss it all! Yes, it's true that living where you work and working where you live can be stressful at times. But this semester, I have to say, it has been a meaningful and unforgettable experience. I can honestly say that I will never forget memories of my RAs talking in weird made-up languages to each other. Or how I got lost in the woods at night with a fellow co-worker and had to call police to come save us. Or how every time I walk into my building, a resident stops me to say "Hi Noor!" I love my job, but most of all, I love my community.

    Maybe next semester won't feel so short...

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  • Hiking the High Mountain Park Preserve

    Hiking our campus trail!
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  • Professional Conference

    I love learning!
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  • Hello Fall Semester!

    Lovin' new beginnings!
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