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A blog about my life on campus at William Paterson University.

Year : Senior

Residence Hall : Hillside

Major : Mathematics & Secondary Education

  • WPU class of 2012


    It's hard to imagine what life will be like without William Paterson. When I graduated from high school, I was so scared to leave home and start my new life here, but over the past four years, WP has become my new home. I made some of the best friends I could ever ask for here. I reached great academic goals in the Honors College through my undergraduate thesis and participation in the Honors club. I was able to find myself as a student leader by becoming a part of the Residence Life team. I made great connections with people who will be lifelong mentors, role models, and inspirations.

    Even though I'm sad to be leaving my home here, I'm excited to take the next step. I've grown very passionate about everything I've done on campus, and I'm moving forward to graduate school. I just got accepted into Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Student Affairs in Higher Education program!!! I even have an assistantship with their department of Housing, Residential Living and Dining. I feel that all of my experiences here have helped prepare me for this future job and career. 


    This was me at last night's SGA awards dinner. I was honored to recieve the Vice Presiden'ts Award for all of my dedication and hard work at William Paterson. But really, I don't see why they're thanking me for all I've done... I should be thanking Willy P for helping me grow and find my way! :)