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Year : Sophomore

Residence Hall : High Mountain East

Major : Print Journalism and Psychology

  • My Weekend and Homecoming is Coming!


    So this weekend was pretty good! I got in a good workout, tie-dyed a shirt, ate some good food, and watched a killer rugby game! 

    Thursday evenings start my weekends this semester (no class Friday’s woot!), so after class I hit the Rec, and got in a really good run (I’m training for the Tough Mudder in November, but more about that as November gets closer…), then after I hit the pool in Wightman Gym.  Most people don’t know, but the pool is open in Wightman from 7:30- 10PM every weeknight and 12-4PM on weekends, so that’s something I dig on. 

    Friday was great too though, mainly cuz I had some AWESOME NOMS (food).  Overlook South held their Tie-Diversity event, and the food was really good! I had empanadas, dumplings, and spring rolls, not to mention a canoli (YES). Oh and I tie-dyed shirt haha.

    When Saturday rolled around, it was time to do some studying and whatnot, but Saturday evening was the RUGBY GAME! It was killer! WPU vs New Paltz, and we destroyed them! How, do you ask? Well we destroyed them in OVERTIME with one minute left, THAT’S how we destroyed them! It was awesome! The audience went crazy on the last goal! Next week I’ll post pictures of the homecoming game, so see me there!  

     Til Next Time Everybody, PEACE!


    Check out the homecoming flyers all about the upcoming events in your building!!


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