Blackboard On Demand Learning

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Welcome to Blackboard Help for Instructors! Instructor manual
Building a test
Grade Center
The interactive videos allow users to participate in the lesson.  Skip interaction by using the Forward control or ENTER on the keyboard.  Times are approximate
General Blogs & Journals
Tour of your course (3.5 min.) Creating a blog (2.5min.)
Editing the course menu (3.5 min.) Creating and editing blog entries (2 min.)
Adding tools to the Course Menu (2 min.) Commenting on a blog entry (2 min.)
Adding students to groups (2.5min.) Creating a journal (2 min.)
  Creating journal entries (1.5min.)
Content Grade Center
Creating course announcements (2 min.) Creating a grade center column (2.5 min.)
Using the text editor (3 min.) Creating a grade report (2.5 min.)
Adding a content area (2.5min.) Hiding grade center columns (1.5 min.)
Adding multimedia using the text editor (3 min.) Review student activity using Performance Dashboard (2 min.)
Downloading/Uploading grades (3  min.)
  Viewing grade details (1.5 min.)
Discussion Board Assessments
Discussion Board Tour (5 min.) Creating a test (4 min.)
Creating a discussion board forum (3 min.) Setting test options (2.5 min.) - The timer is not a part of our current Bb package
Changing discussion board forum settings (1.5min.)  
Searching and collecting discussion board posts (1.5min.) Building a pool (2.5 min.)
Grading a discussion board forum (2 min.) Reading surveys (1.5 min.)
Creating a discussion board thread (1.5min.) Downloading assignments (1.5 min.)
Replying to a discussion board thread (2 min.)  
Grading Discussion board threads (2 min.)