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Blackboard On Demand Learning 

Over 100 video tutorials on building your course, communication/collaboration, and assesssment!

Spring 2013 Faculty Memo


Interface Tour  [pdf]
Faculty Primer   [pdf] 08.13.2012
Blackboard Action Link  -- The key to navigating Bb! [pdf] 08.23.2012

Transfer Course Content:copy course material between semesters

Export/Archive Courses: save your course content for importation into a new course shell, or for posterity.

Merge Course Shells: merge students into a single shell for cross-listed or multi-section courses

 -- Post assignments which require students to submit documents, images, recordings, etc.

*Activating course shells: Courses are unavailable by default! 

Course Roster -- now it takes an extra step!

Email your course roster via WPConnect Contact students before the semester begins

Change the course entry point -- The Announcements page is the default entry point

"Modules won't load" work-around

Collaborate Web Conferencing

WPUNJ Collaborate Home

WPUNJ Collaborate Learn!

 MS Internet Explorer Compatibility View -- every MS Internet Explorer browser needs these settings!

Turn-it-in (TII) - Blackboard Integration -- Use this powerful tool for gauging the originality of research paper

Turn-it-in (TII) Instructors Manual
 --  Turnitin provides plagiarism prevention services & paperless digital grading 

Test-taking Precautions
: Help identifying those things that might prevent your students from completing an assessment.
Java Download: Many Bb features rely heavily on Java software, and you need to make sure you have the latest version.

"I can't see the course menu!"
: Toggle the content area to show or hide the course menu

Blackboard 9.1 Faculty Manual

All files are in PDF format -- click here to download a PDF reader

Blackboard Bulletin
 -- A semi-regular newsletter of updates, new features, and reminders

 Volume II, Fall Semester 2012
Vol. II, Issue 5, July 18: Summer session policies -- Course merge db online -- Summer Gateway Course 
Vol. II Issue 7, October 2: Center for Teaching & Learning Technology - Bb 9.1 SP8 Features

Volume II, Spring Semester 2012
Vol. II, Issue 4, May 16: Summer session policies -- Course merge db online -- Summer Gateway Course
Vol. II, Issue 3, Apl. 18: Summer courses -- Request forms -- Bb On Demand, 100+ video tutorials 
Vol. II, Issue 2, Feb. 07: Updates: Tools, Rosters, Internet Explorer – Quotas -- Surveys
Vol. II, Issue 1, Jan. 10: Beginning of the semester facts of life -- Sixteen prize-winning Bb links

 Volume I: Fall Semester 2011
Vol. I, Issue 6, Dec. 22: Faculty memo, Spring Semester 2012
Vol. I, Issue 5, Dec. 8: Turn-it-in documentation -- Course merge database online -- Customized course menus
Vol. I, Issue 4, Nov 21: Course shells, Winter 2011-12 / Spring 2012 -- Bb 9.1 Upgrade workshops
Vol. I. Issue 3, Nov 2: Bb 9.1 Upgrade workshops -- Change the name of your course or organization
Vol. I, Issue 2, Sept 28Bb 9.1 Highlights – (Tii) Integration – Load multiple documents
Vol. I, Issue 1, Sept 21: Edit the My Courses module – Use the Roster tool – MS IE 9 compatibility view