Transfer, Readmit, and Second Degree Students

Why Should I Transfer to William Paterson University?

With five colleges and a wide range of undergraduate and graduate academic programs, you’re sure to find the right major for you at William Paterson. Small classes ensure you’ll get to know our faculty experts, and they’ll get to know you. You will experience handson learning with faculty who are active in their fields, as you work with them on research and travel with them to conferences. And as a William Paterson student, you’re well-positioned to land an internship at a wide range of businesses, companies, and nonprofits in

How Do I Apply for Transfer Admission?

  • Apply online at undergraduate
  • Submit all official college transcript(s).
  • Please make sure that all the colleges you previously attended forward official transcripts of your college work, even if these courses are posted as transfer credits on your current college transcript.
  • Submit high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores (if fewer than 12 college credits completed).
  • Submit $50 application fee.
  • A portfolio review for art (BFA) and an audition for music applicants is required.
  • Applicants with 60 credits or more must declare a major.