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Choosing a four-year college is an exciting time in your life when you are faced with many decisions. However, one choice that you do not have to make before entering college is selecting a major. About 35 percent of students begin their academic career at William Paterson as undeclared.

Making a decision about an academic major requires the right kind of professional advice and guidance. Our University has an approach, not common at other universities, that assists students through the process of deciding on an academic major.

If you enter the University as an undeclared student, you'll benefit from:

  • the opportunity to sample the many undergraduate majors available.
  • unparalleled services and assistance in choosing the right major for you, including academic advisement specifically for undeclared students offered by our Advisement Center.
  • special seminars about majors and careers hosted by our Career Development Center.

For further information, please contact:

Career Development and Advisement Center