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The academic program in chemistry (B.S.) prepares students for careers in science, technology, and related fields. Majors are trained with modern analytical instrumentation currently used in chemical and biochemical industrial laboratories. All courses and directed electives in physics, biology, computer science, and mathematics provide students with a strong foundation in the physical sciences. Upon graduation, students find employment in a variety of industries that require expertise in chemistry, or they can continue study in graduate programs leading to an advanced degree.

The program offers several exciting features, including:

  • lecture and laboratory courses, taught by Ph.D. scientists.
  • modern scientific instrumentation and laboratory facilities.
  • faculty dedicated to student success.

Graduates have pursued such paths as:

  • research and teaching
  • medicine, dentistry, and other health-related fields
  • industrial positions as laboratory technicians and managers
  • technical writing and editing
  • instrument sales specialists

To learn more, visit the Department of Chemistry home page or contact:

Bhanu Chauhan, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Chemistry and Physics