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Program Information

The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the discipline, leading, upon graduation, to entry into the workforce or to further study in professional or graduate school. Degree programs offered by the department include:

  • The B.S. in biology, suitable for careers in research, education, and medicine. Three concentrations are available: general biology, ecology, and animal physiology and behavior.
  • The B.S. in biotechnology, focusing on the application of the most recent advances in molecular biology and genetics, such as forensics, cloning, gene therapy, crop modification and others.
  • Pre-professional programs for students who seek admission into schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and physician assistant and physical therapy programs in collaboration with Rutgers University School of Health Related Professions.

Departmental highlights include:

  • Dedicated faculty and small class sizes that afford exceptional opportunities for student/faculty contact (all lecture classes are taught by faculty, not graduate assistants).
  • Extensive research opportunities for undergraduates in DNA manipulation, gene cloning, electron microscopy cell structure, animal and plant physiology, disease (e.g., cancer, Lyme disease), neurobiology, animal behavior, and freshwater and forest ecosystems.
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratories available for use by undergraduates including fully equipped biotechnology labs, two electron microscopes, animal research facilities, greenhouses, and extensive outdoor research settings.
  • A campus rich in natural resources, including a stream, waterfall, pond, and an adjacent forest.