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Africana World Studies (B.A.)
Urban and Community Development

The Africana World Studies academic program (B.A.) encourages and promotes the interdisciplinary study of societies and cultures that exist both in Africa and in the African Diaspora. The program enriches the general education of all students, preparing them to function in a multiracial and multicultural world, and to broaden the preparation of those interested in professional careers. Participants also may select a minor in the program itself or pursue a multidisciplinary minor in Caribbean studies.

Other benefits:

  • graduates go on to such professions as teaching, law, business, social service, and others, and have received fellowships at top graduate schools.
  • courses that enrich a liberal arts education, including African languages and literature, history, psychology, politics, urban and community development, and expressive culture (music, dance, theatre, choir, film).
  • a faculty of distinguished scholars and dedicated teachers who hold doctoral degrees from top graduate schools. Among the faculty are recipients of prestigious fellowships, such as the Fulbright Fellowship.

To learn more, visit the Department of Africana World Studies home page or contact:

Lawrence Mbogoni, Ph.D.
Chair, Africana World Studies Department

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