Exercise and Sport Studies – General (MS)

Exercise and Sport Studies – General (MS)

Degree Offered: Master of Science in Exercise & Sports Studies

Concentration: General


Application Deadline:

August 1st: Fall semester
December 1st: Spring semester
*Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a space availability basis

*International students are advised to apply by:
April 1st: Fall (September intake)
November 1st: Spring (January intake)


Program Description:

Offered through the Department of Kinesiology, the Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies is designed for working professionals with an undergraduate degree in exercise science, kinesiology, physical education, or a related subject. Through this program, you will gain relevant and practical knowledge, strategic and critical thinking abilities, and specific skills that are immediately transferable to today’s job market. The program is ideally suited for physical education teachers, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, kinesiologists, public health professionals, and nutritionists, as well as professionals in other areas of health and kinesiology.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

  • Undergraduate bachelor’s degree with a major in exercise science, human performance, kinesiology, physical education, or the equivalent.
  • Prerequisite classes will be assigned if the undergraduate degree is not in the exercise domain.
  • At least a 2.75 GPA on a 4.00 scale. (In lieu of this standard, work experience or other factors may be taken into consideration.)
  • Minimum score of 150 on the verbal portion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and minimum score of 150 on the quantitative portion of the Graduate Record Exam, or a minimum score of 400 on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT).
  • Two letters of recommendation that attest to applicant’s academic qualifications.
  • 250-500 word essay by the applicant on his/her suitability for the program.
  • Copy of a teaching certificate, if applicable, and a resume of any teaching or educational work performed by the applicant.
  • Personal interview may be required.

Program Requirements:

  • 36 credits of graduate study (30 credits in ten classes, 6 credits of a written thesis or practicum/internship with a written concluding report)

*Thesis – The thesis shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions prescribed in the University's Graduate Studies Handbook. The thesis will be supervised by a faculty member assigned by the kinesiology chair. Proposals for thesis topics are subject to the supervisor's approval.

*Non-thesis Internship – Students may take a clinical practicum or internship under the supervision of an assigned faculty member. The practicum is 450 hours working with a sport team, approved fitness center, recognized sporting agency, or appropriate government center.

M.S. Exercise & Sports Studies (General concentration)36 Credits
Core (required courses) 9 credits
EXSC 5010 Introduction to Research 3
EXSC 5020 Research Methods and Design 3
EXSC 5030 Seminar in Exercise Science 3
General and Free Electives( select 7 courses)  
EXSC 6100 Advanced Physiological Principles of Performance 3
EXSC 6110 Applied Nurtition, Exercise, and Performance 3
EXSC 6120 Cardiovascular Physiology and Metabolic Diseases 3
EXSC 6130 Neuromuscular Physiology 3
EXSC 6140 Physical Activity and Aging 3
EXSC 6200 Curriculum Trends and Issues in Physical Education 3
EXSC 6210 Constructivist Curriculum and Teaching in PE 3
EXSC 6220 Supervision in Physical Education 3
EXSC 6230 Research on Curriculum and Supervision in PE 3
EXSC 6240 Human Motor Development 3
EXSC 6520 Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics 3
EXSC 6530 Advanced Motor Behavior 3
EXSC 6540 Psychology of Sport and Exercise 3
EXSC 6600 Special Topics 3
Free Electives from another graduate program 3-6 credits
Thesis option
EXSC 7800 Thesis 6
Practicum/Internship with comprehensive exam
EXSC 7700 Non-Thesis 6