Applied Sociology (MA)

Degree Offered: Master of Arts in Applied Sociology


Application Deadline:

August 1st: Fall semester
December 1st: Spring semester
*Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a space availability basis

*International students are advised to apply by:
April 1st: Fall (September intake)
November 1st: Spring (January intake)


Program Description:

The MA in applied sociology enables graduates to get a competitive edge by learning assessment, diagnostic, evaluation, and intercultural communication skills, and by gaining important insights into diversity in the workplace and society, all of which many employers seek in their hiring/promoting. Because these skills and knowledge are of great value in virtually every occupational field, this Master’s program has demonstrated appeal in a variety of professional settings. These include, but are not limited to, departments of human resources or research and planning in banking, corporations, education, government, health care, insurance, marketing, and community and other nonprofit organizations.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree with a preferred, but not required, background in a social science.

  • Cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.00 on 4.00 scale.

  • Minimum verbal score of 150 on the GRE or minimum score of 388 on the MAT.

  • Two letters of recommendation that attest to applicant’s academic qualifications.

  • 500-word statement of intent in which the applicant provides background information and explains why he or she decided to pursue a degree and/or career in applied sociology.

Program Requirements:

MA Applied Sociology33 Credits
Core I Courses 6 credits
SOC 5150 Applied Social Statistics 3
SOC 5180 Applied Sociological Theory 3
Core II Courses (course two) 6 credits
SOC 5140 Applied Quantitative Methods 3
SOC 5170 Applied Qualitative Methods 3
SOC 5190 GIS Basic Mapping I: Applications and Analysis  
SOC 5310 Program and Policy Evaluation 3
Core III Courses 6 credits
SOC 6910 Professional Internship I (required) 3
SOC 6920 Professional Internship II or SOC 6980 – Research and Thesis (choose one) 3
Core III Courses 15 credits
SOC 5100 Cities and Urban Policies 3
SOC 5200 GIS II: Principles of Geographic Information Science 3
SOC 5210 Contemporary Issues in the Workplace 3
SOC 5400 Diversity in America 3
SOC 5420 Sociology of Intercultural Communication 3
SOC 5440 Contemporary Immigration to the U.S 3
SOC 5500 Age and Aging 3
SOC 5510 Racial Identity Formation 3
SOC 5530 Health and Social Justice 3
SOC 5660 Conflict and Conflict Management 3
SOC 5680 Drugs and Social Policy 3
SOC 5700 Gender in a Globalizing Society 3
SOC 6130 Population Studies 3
SOC 6300 Ethnic and Racial Experiences 3
SOC 6310 Diversity in American Family Patterns 3
SOC 6610 Organizations and Social Action 3
SOC 5990 Special Topics 3
With an advisor’s approval, students may take up to six credits outside the Sociology Department from the following courses:
AACS 6210 History of Blacks in America 3
AACS 6220 Contemporary Black America 3
AACS 6240 Social Organization of Justice 3
CMAT 5210 Inclusion and Second Language Learners 3
CMHL 5050 Cultural Dimensions of Health 3
COMS 6160 Gender and Communication 3
COMS 6210 Global Communication 3
CSP 6510 Counseling for Substance Abuse: Applications for School and Community 3
EDLP 6090 Supervision and Evaluation: Performance Appraisal 3
EDLP 6100 School Management Functions 3
EDLP 6110 Problems in Practice: Legal and School Centered Issues 3
EDLP 6120 Supervision and Evaluation of Support Staff and Ed Programs 3
HIST 5400 Abundance and Poverty in U.S. History 3
HIST 5500 Violence in America 3
HIST 5450 The Reform Impulse in American History 3
LAW 7000 Legal Environment of Business 3
MGT 6040 Management Process and Organizational Theory 3
MKT 6080 Marketing Management 3
NUR 5700 Health Legislation and Social Policy 3
POL 5010 Public Policy in an Age of Globalization 3
POL 5030 Comparative Public Policy 3
POL 6040 The Gendered State and Public Policy 3
POL 6210 American Welfare Policy in a Global Perspective 3
POL 6220 Intermestic Policy in the Americas: Licit/Illicit Flows-Drugs, Money, and Immigration 3
PSY 6820 Gerontology for Applied Psychologists 3
PSY 6830 Substance Abuse Interventions 3
SPED 5360 Guidance and Community Programs for the Disabled 3
SPED 5500 Social and Psychological Needs of the Developmentally Disabled 3