Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Degree Offered: Doctor of Psychology


Campus Location

Main Campus

Application Deadline:

All application materials must be submitted no later than December 15th.

Program Description:

The doctoral (PsyD) program in clinical psychology is a 96-credit program based on the Practitioner–Scholar Model. The PsyD degree includes both training and course work in clinical practice and research based on the premise that clinical practice and research can help inform and strengthen each other. Because the PsyD is a more practice-oriented degree, we place an emphasis on the development of the knowledge, skills, and competencies that psychologists use in clinical practice. Our doctoral program is built on a foundation of over a decade of graduating Master’s-level students, many of whom are now active clinicians, teachers, supervisors and doctoral students.

Graduates of the doctoral program can pursue clinical and research positions in the public and private sectors. Students who want to become a psychologist must successfully complete Doctoral-level training; pass a national examination, and fulfill all state licensing requirements (e.g., the required number of state-mandated supervised hours).

Facilities and Resources:

Our graduate programs are housed in the new and renovated facilities in Science Hall-East. These facilities include modern clinical, research, and teaching spaces, in addition to a state-of-the-art clinical teaching suite for training, monitoring, recording and conducting clinical sessions, a graduate testing and teaching room and a graduate study and informal learning space for our students.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D)96 credits
Ethics and Professional Orientation 3
Clinical Practice I 3
Theories of Psychotherapy 3
Psychopathology 3
Cultural and Social Issues in Clinical Practice 3
Group Interventions 3
Assessment I 3
Clinical Practice II 3
Human Development 3
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 3
Assessment II 3
Developmental Psychopathology 3
Practicum I 3
Research Methods and Evaluation 3
Advanced Evidence-based Psychotherapy 3
Practicum II 3
Biological Bases of Behavior 3
Clinical Psychopharmacology 3
Advanced Research Methods & Stats 3
Cognition and Affect 3
Practicum III 3
Psychodynamic Theories 3
Practicum IV 3
Dissertation Seminar I 3
Practicum III 3
Psychodynamic Theories 3
Practicum IV 3
Dissertation Seminar I 3
History and Systems of Psychology 3
Practicum V 3
Dissertation Seminar II 3
Practicum VI 3
Dissertation Seminar III 1
Electives 6
Internship I & II 2

*note: The program is currently undergoing formal, new program accreditation review, and accreditation status will be determined upon completion of the process.

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