Endorsement – English as a Second Language

Degree Offered: Endorsement

Concentration: English as a Second Language

Campus Location

Main Campus

Application Deadline:

Rolling Admissions

Program Description:

This program is designed for certified teachers seeking an endorsement as a teacher of English as a second language (ESL).

Admission Requirements:

Program Requirements:

Endorsement: English as a Second Language21 Credits
TBED 5390 General Linguistics 3
TBED 5420 Multiculturalism and Acculturation 3
TBED 6070 Applied Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition 3
TBED 6400 Content Area Instruction and Assessment in English as a Second Language 3
TBED 6410 Methods and Materials in Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages 3
TBED 6430 Structure of American English 3
TBED 6610 Field Research: Internship in Teaching English as a Second Language 3

TBED 5390 is held as a prerequisite to TBED 6070, TBED 6410, and TBED 6430.

Additional State of New Jersey Requirements:

Candidates must pass an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPT) and Written Proficiency Test (WPT) administered by Language Testing International, as mandated by the State of New Jersey. The minimum passing score on both exams is advanced low. For more information, please contact Professor Bruce Williams at williamsb@wpunj.edu.

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