Music – Jazz Studies and Performance (MM)

Degree Offered: Master of Music

Concentration: Jazz Studies & Performance

Campus Location

Main Campus

Application Deadline:

February 1 (Fall admission only)

Program Description:

The Jazz Studies concentration offers a high-level experience in small jazz ensemble and solo performance, arranging and composition, improvisation, and instrumental/vocal performance skills. In addition, William Paterson jazz students have access to high-level, primary source studies available only in the New York area, and to current pedagogical techniques in the areas of improvisation and arranging.

A deeper level of study arises from the following: added historical and theoretical background (in the Western European tradition, as well as in jazz); primary source research and graduate-level writing opportunities uniquely available in jazz; current technological innovations as they relate to jazz; and application of these issues to pedagogical techniques in higher education and/or public schools.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

  • Completed SlideRoom application.
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a scale of 4.00.
  • Two letters of recommendation.

Jazz performance track majors:

  • An audition CD or tape following these requirements:
    • The taped performance should demonstrate ability to play within a group and strengths as a soloist. Perform a minimum of three tunes:
      • One up-tempo tune such as "Cherokee," "Ornithology," "It Could Happen To You," "Just Friends," or a similar selection.
      • One ballad such as "Body and Soul," "In a Sentimental Mood," "I Can't Get Started," or a similar selection.
      • One medium-tempo tune such as "All the Things You Are," "Out of Nowhere," "Have You Met Miss Jones?" or a similar selection.
    • At least one chorus within the presentation of each tune should be performed unaccompanied.

Special Audition Notes:

  • Piano, guitar, and mallet instruments: Performance should demonstrate ability to accompany, as well as to solo. One of the required selections must be performed unaccompanied.
  • Drum set: Performance should demonstrate ability to use brushes as well as sticks, and to play through the head of the up-tune unaccompanied, outlining rhythmic structure of the melody.
  • Bass: Performance should demonstrate ability to construct a walking bass line and should showcase strengths as an improviser. Acoustic bassists should demonstrate use of the bow.
  • Vocalists: If currently studying voice, include sample of vocalization at the beginning of tape. Performance should demonstrate the ability to scat, as well as an understanding of the lyric.

Program Requirements:

  • 36 credits of graduate study.
  • One-hour recital.
  • Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination,
    which carries no course credit and is required of all students.
  • Final project.
Master of Music (Jazz Studies & Performance concentration)36 Credits
Arranging Concentration
Applied Lessons 12
Ensembles (one per semester) 4
Research Techniques 3
Transcription and Analysis 3
Graduate Seminar 3
Jazz Pedagogy 3
Topics in Jazz History 2
Advanced Jazz Ear Training 2
Entrepreneurship in the Music and Ent. Industry 2
Performance Practice 2
Masters Thesis or Tribute Recital 0
Performance Recital 0
Composition and Arranging Performance Track 36 credits
First Year – Fall semester 9 credits
MUSP 5940 Applied Lessons 3
MUSP 5410 Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1
MUSI 5750 Transcription and Analysis 3
MUSI 5740 Advanced Jazz Ear Training 2
First Year – Spring semester 9 credits
MUSP 5950 Applied Lessons 3
MUSP 5420 Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1
MUSI 5300 Research Techniques 3
MUSI 6780 Topics in Jazz History 2
Second Year – Fall semester 9 credits
MUSP 6950 Applied Lessons 3
MUSP 6410 Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1
MUSI 6300 Graduate Seminar 3
MUSI 6760 Performance Practice 2
Second Year – Spring semester 9 credits
MUSP 6950 Applied Lessons 3
MUSP 6420 Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1
MUSI 6700 Pedagogy of Jazz 3
MUSI 6400 Entrepreneurship in the Mus and Ent. Industry 2
MUSI 6910 Master's Thesis or MUSI 6020 Tribute Recital 0