Literacy – Reading (MEd)

Degree Offered: Master of Education in Literacy

Concentration: Reading

Campus Location

1600 Valley Road Building

Application Deadline:

Rolling Admissions

Program Description:

This program is designed to prepare graduate students who are certified teachers to work professionally in the highly specialized field of teaching reading and writing to P-12 students. The reading concentration is planned for teachers who are concerned with the development of literacy in our schools and want to establish effective school-wide literacy programs. As a literacy specialist, you must be able to diagnose and correct various kinds of reading and writing problems; work cooperatively with school staff specialists, as well as basic skills instructors and community resource people; counsel parents of children who have reading/writing problems; give help to, and demonstrate for, teachers and administrators; and organize and administer a total school literacy program.

Graduates of this program may be certified as reading specialists (P-12) and are also qualified to work with college students and adults who have reading problems. Students also have the option to take the MEd in language arts concentration that focuses on all forms of communicative literacy, including the use of technology to transmit and receive meaningful discourse in school settings.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

*Upon the program director's approval, applicants who do not meet the grade point average or standardized test requirements may supplement the application with additional materials in support of their academic potential for successful completion of the graduate degree.

Program Requirements:

Requirements for Reading Specialist P-12 Certification

New Jersey Supervisory Endorsement

The State of New Jersey has approved a supervisory certification for recent graduates of William Paterson’s MEd in literacy program, provided that they complete two additional courses in the University’s educational leadership program. Students who graduated after August 1999 are eligible to apply to take the following two courses and, upon satisfactory completion of the requirements, be certified as a supervisor:

MEd in Literacy (Reading)33 credits
Required Courses 27 credits
ELRL 6010 Theoretical Foundations of Literacy 3
ELRL 6170 Literacy for Children in the Twenty-First Century 3
ELRL 6200 Diagnosis of Reading Problems: Practicum 3
ELRL 6210 Remediation of Reading Problems: Practicum 3
ELRL 6230 Practicum in Teaching Reading 3
ELRL 6240 Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs and Personnel 3
ELRL 6250 Adolescent and Adult Literacy in the Twenty-First Century 3
ELRL 6270 Research in Reading 3
ELRL 6330 Socio-Psycholinguistics and Reading 3
Literature Courses 3-6 credits
Select AT LEAST one of the following:
ELRL 6040 Recent Trends in Children’s Literature 3
ELRL 6050 Advanced Inquiry into Literature for Children and Youth 3
ELRL 6260 Literature for Adolescents 3
Approved Elective Courses 0-3 credits
Choose one of the approved electives below OR another literature course above (i.e., ELRL 6040, ELRL 6050, ELRL 6260)
ELRL 6030 Literacy Instruction, English Language Learners 3
ELEC 6180 Language Development and Emergent Literacy 3
ELEE 6040 Writing in the Elementary School 3
ELRL 6220 Educating the Adult: Basic Reading 3
ELRL 6340 Teaching Critical Reading in the Content Areas 3
SOC 6300 Ethnic and Racial Experiences 3
ELRL 6310 Written Expression with Technology 3
SPED 5550 Educational Foundations in a Diverse Society 3
Other courses may be selected in consultation with the advisor.

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