Endorsement – School Supervisor

Endorsement – School Supervisor

Degree Offered: Endorsement

Concentration: School Supervisor

Campus Location

1600 Valley Road Building

Application Deadline:

Rolling Admissions


Spring semester, Fall semester

Program Description:

Successful candidates may apply for New Jersey Supervisory Certification.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

  • A standard New Jersey instructional license or its equivalent.
  • At least three years of successful, full-time teaching or educational services experience.
  • A completed master’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Program Requirements:

If you have a master’s degree from another college or university and need only three or fewer courses for supervisory endorsement, you may enroll as a non-degree student and take up to 9 credits including EDLP 6040 and 6090. However, you must apply to the New Jersey State Department of Education for supervisory endorsement and have your credentials evaluated independently of William Paterson University.

Endorsement: School Supervisor 12 credits
Program Requirements: 6 credits
EDLP 6040 Curriculum Design: Theory and Practice 3
EDLP 6090 Supervision and Evaluation: Performance Appraisal 3
Elective Courses 6 credits
Educational Leadership  
EDLP 6150 Curriculum Design: Language Arts Literacy across the Disciplines 3
EDLP 6160 Curriculum Design: Technology across the Disciplines 3
TBED 6400 Content Area Instruction and Assessment in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 3
TBED 6410 Methods, Materials and Assessment in TESOL 3
TBED Content Areas in Bilingual Education 3
Early Childhood  
ELEC 6020 Curriculum Develeopment and Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education (Formerly CIEC 602) 3
ELEC 6340 Issues in Early Childhood Educations (formally CIEC 634) 3
Exercise and Sports Studies  
EXSC 6200 Curriculum Trends and Issues in Physical Education 3***
EXEC 6210 Constructivist Curriculum and Teaching in Physical Education 3***
EXEC 6220 Supervision in Physical Education 3***
EXEC 6230 Research on Curriculum and Supervision in Physical Education 3***
Language Arts  
ELCL 6030 Language Arts in the Elementary School ( formerly CIEE 603) 3
ELCL 6120 Assessing Education Achievement with Technology (formerly CIEE 612) 3
CIEE 6250 Learning Technologies Seminar (Prior to 2005 only) 3
Learning Technology  
ELCL 6110 Designing and Evaluating Technology-Supported Learning (formerly Hypermedia: Theories and Application CIEE 611) 3
ELCL 6120 Assessing Educational Achievement with Technology (formerly CIEE 612) 3
CIEE 6250 Learning Technologies Seminar ( Prior to 2005 only) 3
Teaching Children Mathematics  
ELCL 6140 Multiple Representations of Mathematics across the Curriculum (formerly CIEE 614) 3
ELCL 6160 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Mathematics Education (formerly CIRL 624) 3
ELRL 6170 Children’s Literacy in the 21st Century 3

***Pending final approval by NJDOE